Discover our sustainable natural cosmetics from Tyrol

100 % vegan

100% vegan

Vegan with complete conviction

MAGDALENA´S made in Tyrol is a vegan certified natural cosmetics line. It gets its ingredients from the treasure troves of the Tyrolean mountains. At the same time, we refrain from using ingredients that are produced by or from animals. In this way we meet the urgent need of more and more responsible people who not only act in their own interest, but also consciously make a decision in terms of animal welfare.

The certification of MAGDALENA´S made in Tyrol as a vegan skin care line was also so important because we are using it to set an example against animal testing. This is all the more important to us as scientific test methods have been available for many years that do not cause animal suffering and often even prove to be more reliable and safer.

With the result that vegan products like MAGDALENA´S made in Tyrol mostly work more targeted and better than conventionally manufactured ones.